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Restroom Cleanliness Impacts Facility Perspective

According to a recent Harris poll survey, 86 percent of U.S. adults equate the cleanliness of a restaurant’s restroom with the cleanliness of its kitchen.  The survey also revealed that 75 percent of U.S. adults would not return to a restaurants with dirty restrooms.  Regardless of industry, clean restrooms directly impact a business’ ability to … Continue reading

Tork Paper Towel Dispensers

Recently at the ISSA conference in Dallas, Texas I was introduced to a state of the art paper towel dispenser from Tork. This paper towel dispenser had the capability to communicate with a smart phone through app technology when a paper towel dispenser is low. Being able to control dispensing usage and waste saves time … Continue reading

Aqua ChemPacs Review

Hello All, A few weeks ago I had the privilege and the opening in my schedule to attend the ISSA cleaning show conference in Dallas, TX. One of the many great vendors was a company called Aqua Chempacs. As the feature picture shows, the chemical is package in dissolvable concentrated chemical pacs.  Some of the … Continue reading

What are day porter services and do you need them?

Day Porters can be seen working in all aspects of commercial buildings shopping centers, office buildings, malls, or any large common areas. Day porters not only clean, but help to ensure that facilities have a good image and are a place that customers want to frequent.  By making sure that the property looks nice, clean, … Continue reading

The Robot Vacuum Review

Janitors!!!! Custodians!!!! Cleaners!!!!!!! Be very afraid. There’s a robot vacuum on the loose that’s improving its efficiency at a rapid pace. Each year this robot manufactured by Roomba is becoming advanced enough to impact the commercial janitorial business. Roomba vacuuming robots are powered by a full suite of smart sensors that automatically guide the robot … Continue reading

Geneon Non Toxic Sanitizer Review

The most toxic items in most facilities are the cleaning chemicals purchased by janitorial services to kill germs. But what if the same technology that is used to create electrically charged water to keep produce in your local grocery store out all day without withering away was manufactured in a bottle for cleaning purposes. Meet … Continue reading

A Clean Facility Matters

Having a clean facility makes things safer and more productive for many property managers who have to ensure that their tenants, or customers are in great facilities. Clean bathrooms, cafeterias, floors, are all major components in contributing to employees having a positive work environment. Just like any other facility, and work environment these places harbor … Continue reading

Why use a floor scrubber?

AccuClean offers services to some of the most high traffic facilities in the Atlanta area. High foot traffic can create wear patterns on rubber, terrazzo, concrete and waxed VCT floors if not properly maintained. Cleaning with traditional methods such as dust mop and mop may not remove all dirt particles to give an optimal clean.  … Continue reading

Mat Placement Guide for your Facility

  An important tool that can be used to help keep your facility cleaner and maintained would be the use of mats. Some of the most common mats used and offered in janitorial cleaning are entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, slip resistant mats, and interior mats. When entering a facility mats can stop traffic dirt and moisture from entering … Continue reading

Difference between disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing a surface 

Do you know the difference between disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing a surface? It’s very important that janitorial cleaning contractors in Atlanta understand the difference in order to prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases.  Disinfecting Disinfecting a surface kills germs. While it doesn’t always remove the dirt, most disinfectants depending on the type that’s … Continue reading